Boxmoor Steak House TRY ONE OF OUR CAREFULLY CHOSEN EXOTIC MEATS All our meats are from suppliers who actively participate in environmental program's, from necessary culls in game reserves to breeding programme's.  All under EU welfare & CITES regulations. 


Our Venison is sourced locally from Scotland in season and New Zealand out of season. 
In New Zealand the deer are kept in enclosures that are as large as half of the Netherlands. 
The best quality meat comes from the saddles and haunches. 
This tender, delicious meat is a great way to try something new without getting too exotic! 

KANGAROO (Australia) 

Kangaroo meat is approved by the Australian Heart Foundation due to its extremely low levels of fat, high levels of protein, iron, zinc and omega 3's. 
The meat is tender, succulent and completely delicious! 


Our Italian Buffalo is one of the tastiest, most tender buffalo you will ever taste. 
It looks and tastes like the highest quality beef. 
Buffalo Meat contains less fat than beef and has the additional benefit of being a valuable source of Omega 3. 


The consistent supply of Ostrich has always been challenging especially with the recent issues with avian influenza (Bird Flu) in South Africa which had subsequently led to an EU import ban. 
The partially cooked and frozen Ostrich meat method offers consistent and sustainable availability. 
The cooking process of the meat involves heating up the core temperature of the meat to 70 °C. 
The latest food technology guarantees consistent moisture content, juiciness and tenderness. 
It is a food safe product, compliant with all EU and OIE food security standards, legislation and regulations on animal health. 


Our Southern African Zebra meat is a beautiful deep red colour, has a medium grain and delicious subtle game flavours. 
Zebra meat is very popular in its native country and has a wider than expected demand. 
It also has some healthy characteristics, being low in fat, low in cholesterol and high in protein. 
Be careful not to overcook this superb meat as it's very low in fat. 


Our 100% Welfare friendly Rosé Veal is the premium meat from young bull calves. 
These Rosé Veal calves have lots of straw bedding and space to move around which keeps them nice and healthy and also gives their meat the characteristic pink (Rosé) colour. 
Rose Veal is rich in omega 3, smooth in texture, very tender and very tasty! 
It's low in fat. 
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